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The Lego Movie Emmet And Wyldstyle Kiss

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The rest of the cast is rounded out by Craig Berry as Blake (an actor who is the star of "Where are my Pants?"); David Burrows as the Octan Corporation Robots/Super Secret Police Robots; Amanda Farinos as Finn's mother (an offscreen character); Will Forte as Abraham Lincoln (a Master Builder that rides in a rocket chair); Dave Franco as Wally (a construction worker); Todd Hansen as Gandalf (a Master Builder whom Vitruvius mistakes for Albus Dumbledore); Jake Johnson as Barry (a construction worker); Keegan-Michael Key as Frank the Foreman (a construction foreman who is Emmet's boss); Kelly Lafferty as Velma Staplebot (a robot who is Lord Business' personal assistant); Chris McKay as Larry the Barista (a man who works at a coffee shop in Bricksburg); Graham Miller as the Duplo Alien Leader; Doug Nicholas as Surfer Dave (one of Emmet's neighbors) and the Micro Managers (a group of robots used by Lord Business to keep everyone in the right position when they are "Kraglized"); Chris Paluszek as a Robot Foreman (the head of the Robot Demolitionists and the Octan Robot Construction Workers); Chris Romano as Joe (a plumber in Bricksburg), Melissa Sturm as Ma Cop (a police officer who is Bad Cop/Good Cop's mother) and Gail (a construction worker); Jorma Taccone as William Shakespeare (a Master Builder) and Sheriff Not-A-Robot (a robot sheriff in The Old West and member of the Super Secret Police); and Leiki Veskimets as the voice of Octan Tower's Central Computer.

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