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Still Into You Album Cover

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"Still Into You" was acclaimed by music critics, who commended the song as fun and catchy, and praised Williams' vocals. Marc Zanotti at Music Feeds called the song "a poppy, upbeat, sugary sweet number". Scott Heisel of Alternative Press referred to it one of the best songs on Paramore, saying "There's no question that this is still Paramore, only it's better. The chorus hook will stay in your brain for days at a time, . . . and when you throw in the band's newfound embracing of electronics, you find yourself with what will ideally be one of the biggest hits of 2013. " Maura Johnston from Popdust gave the song a 5 out of 5, declaring "If there's any justice in the world this'll be a song of the summer, or at least of the late spring". Joseph R. Atilano at Inquirer. net noted that ""Still Into You" is really directed to their youngest fans with its happy-go-lucky lyrics that are as cheerful as they can get and somewhat disarming in their simplicity", considering it better than the previous single "Now".

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