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Sprained Ankle Cast

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When an ankle sprain occurs, subsequent ankle sprains are much more likely to follow. The rate of recurrence is particularly high for athletes in high-risk sports. The most widely recommended preventative measures for recurring sprains are wearing ankle-protective gear (tape, or ankle brace) and implementing exercises designed to strengthen the ankle and improve one's balance (e. g. , balance ball exercises). In a review article of ankle sprain prevention research, the authors reference a season-long study on a group of soccer players. 60 players wore ankle-protective (tape or ankle-braces) throughout the soccer season, and another 171 players were enrolled in the control group, as they wore no ankle protective gear. At the end of the season, 17% of the players who did not wear ankle braces/tape sprained their ankles, while only 3% of the players who wore protection incurred the same injury. Amongst the players who sprained their ankles and did not wear ankle-protective gear, 25% had a history of previous ankle sprains. Another peer-reviewed article references a study which concluded that ankle exercising could decrease the risk of recurring sprains by 11%.

If there is no broken bone, your doctor may be able to tell the severity of your ankle sprain based upon the amount of swelling, pain, and bruising.

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