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Sabrina Setlur

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Setlur channeled much of her heavily media-discussed experiences into the production of her fourth studio album Sabs. Released in November 2003, the CD received a mixed reception from most professional music critics, with Laut calling it "a chavvy and antiquated [but] good rap album" and CDStarts declaring it a "insignificant [but] practiced comeback. " Promoted by Setlur's engagement as a judge on the third installment of the German reality television series Popstars - Das Duell (which created both the male quartet Overground and the girl group Preluders), the album spawned four moderately successful singles, including "Liebe", a collaboration with Glashaus and labelmate Franziska. Setlur used to contend for the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 in Istanbul. Following several weeks of promotional appearances, Setlur entered the competition on March 19, 2004 with the album's second single, and although considered as a favourite by the media, Setlur failed to place within the top 5, eventually falling against singer Max Mutzke and his song "Can't Wait Until Tonight. "

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