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Mary Warren The Crucible Movie

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Warren was kept hard at work at the Proctor home and was told that if she ran into fire or water during one of her fits, she would not be rescued. When her seizures did stop, she posted a note at the Meeting House one Sabbath eve to request prayers of thanks. That night, Warren stated that John Proctor woke her to torment her about posting the note. On April 3, 1692, Samuel Parris read Mary's note to the church members, who began to question Warren after the Sunday services. Some took her answers to their questions to mean that the girls had lied. Warren told them she felt better now and could tell the difference between reality and visions. The other girls became angry with Mary and began accusing her of being a witch because she had told the high court that all the girls were lying that they saw the devil. She was formally accused of witchcraft on April 18, 1692. Under questioning she continued to have fits, confessing under duress to witchcraft and began to accuse various people, including the Proctors, of witchcraft.

PROCTOR, moving menacingly toward her : You will tell the court how that poppet come here and who stuck the needle in.

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