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Malcolm Young

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The "big freeze" of 1963 was one of the worst winters on record in the UK, with snow 8 feet (2. 4 m) deep. A TV advertisement shown in Britain at that time offered assisted travel for families to start a different life in Australia. 15 members of the Young family left Britain by air in late June 1963, including fifth son, George (6 November 1946 – 22 October 2017), and younger brothers, Malcolm and Angus (born 31 March 1955). Also aboard were his eldest brother Stephen (24 June 1933 – 1989), his only sister, Mrs Margaret Horsburgh (born 2 May 1935) and brother, William Jr (born 15 December 1940). :6–7 Another elder brother, Alex (28 December 1938 – 1997), stayed in the UK, and was later a member of London-based group, Grapefruit. :6–7 Another brother, John Young (born 17 May 1937), had migrated to Australia separately. :6–7 Malcolm later described the family's musical background: "All the males in our family played, Stevie, the oldest played accordion, Alex and John were the first couple to play guitar, and being older it was sort of passed down to George, then myself, then Angus. " :6–7

Malcolm Young also used a Wizard vintage Classic 100W on the Stiff Upper Lip World Tour in 2001 in addition to the Black Ice World Tour in 2008.I learned how to play guitar listening to Malcolm. Why not learn from the best rhythm guitar player ever?

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