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Jeff Conaway And John Travolta

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An autopsy performed on Conaway revealed that he died of various causes, including pneumonia and encephalopathy attributable to drug overdoses. In a 2019 episode of the Reelz TV series Autopsy: The Last Hours of. . . , forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter noted that Conaway had been diagnosed with leukopenia during the actor's final hospitalization. According to the official autopsy report, Conaway's leukopenia was the result of myelodysplastic syndrome, which can turn into aggressive leukemia. Dr. Hunter doubted that the syndrome was a result of Conaway's self-destructive lifestyle, as "myelodysplasia is usually spontaneous. " Given the fact that Conaway's family was unaware that myelodysplasia "had been previously identified," Dr. Hunter did not rule out the possibility that the myelodysplasia identification was "recorded in error" by the official autopsy report during the transfer of information from "Jeff's hospital notes to the coroner's office. " According to Dr. Hunter, Conaway's hospital notes might have read: "To rule out myelodysplasia. " Also according to Dr. Hunter, if the myelodysplasia "diagnosis is correct, Jeff was suffering from a serious and terminal illness that, in its own right, would have left him dead within a number of years. "

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