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IKEA's own restaurant are all over the world and the taste is cross-cultural. Every store includes a restaurant serving traditional Swedish food, including potatoes with Swedish meatballs. [41][42] In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the usual boiled or mashed potatoes have been replaced with French fries; meanwhile in Indonesia, the usual Swedish Meatballs recipe are changed to accommodate the country's Halal requirements. Besides these Swedish foods, hot dogs and drinks are also sold, along with a few varieties of the local cuisine, and beverages such as lingonberry juice. Also items such as prinsesstårta (princess cake) are sold as desserts. Stores in Israel sell kosher food under rabbinical supervision. [43] The kosher restaurants are separated into dairy and meat areas; falafel and non-dairy ice cream are available at the exit. IKEA stores in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates serve chicken shawarma at the exit café as well as beef hot dogs, while in United Kingdom, a Quorn hot dog is available in the exit café. [44]

This is my new hacked version of the Ikea Maskros lamp. AFTER! 1. I used spray paint in gold color, to spray paint the whole

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