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Heroin Chic Clothes

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In the early 1990s, the rise of the grunge alternative rock music and subculture in Seattle brought media attention to the use of heroin by prominent grunge artists. In the 1990s, the media focused on the use of heroin by musicians in the Seattle grunge scene, with a 1992 New York Times article listing the city's "three principal drugs" as "espresso, beer and heroin" and a 1996 article calling Seattle's grunge scene the ". . . subculture that has most strongly embraced heroin". Tim Jonze from The Guardian states that ". . . heroin had blighted the [grunge] scene ever since its inception in the mid-80s" and he argues that the ". . . involvement of heroin mirrors the self-hating, nihilistic aspect to the music"; in addition to the heroin deaths, Jonze points out that Stone Temple Pilots' Scott Weiland, as well as Courtney Love, Mark Lanegan and Evan Dando ". . . all had their run-ins with the drug, but lived to tell the tale. " A 2014 book stated that whereas in the 1980s, people used the "stimulant" cocaine to socialize and ". . . celebrate good times", in the 1990s grunge scene, the "depressant" heroin was used to "retreat" into a "cocoon" and be ". . . sheltered from a harsh and unforgiving world which offered. . . few prospects for. . . change or hope. "

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