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Ghost Rider 2 Movie Poster

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Johnny awakens in hospital. Despite his injuries he leaves the hospital, and despite not trusting him, he convinces Nadya to accept his help. Carrigan tells Roarke about the Rider, and Roarke speaks an incantation to Danny over phone, which effectively prevents the Rider from sensing Danny's location. Roarke warns it will not shield Carrigan from being sensed and gives him instructions to deliver Danny. Nadya tells Blaze that as she lay dying, she made a deal with Roarke: her life in return for him impregnating her with Danny, making Danny a direct vessel for Roarke and the potential for him to have unlimited power on the surface world. Roarke lacks this power so far from Hell. Danny nearly escapes, but breaks his ankle and is recaptured. That night, Nadya and Johnny interrogate a known contact of Carrigan's. Johnny takes off ahead of Nadya to deal with Carrigan. Nadya rescues Danny as the Rider converts a mining machine (a Bagger 288 ) into a massive fiery machine, destroying their hideout complex and mortally wounding Carrigan. When Ghost Rider catches up to Nadya and starts to use his Penance Stare on her, Danny is able to stop the Rider with a word, exercising his hidden power.

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