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Emmanuel Macron

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Macron's campaign, headed by French economist Sophie Ferracci, announced in December 2016 that it had raised 3. 7 million euros in donations without public funding (as En marche wasn't a registered political party). [128][129] This was three times the budget of then-front runner Alain Juppé. [130] Macron came under criticism from several individuals, including Benoît Hamon who requested Macron reveal a list of his donors accusing him of conflicts of interest due to Macron's past at Rothschilds. [131] Macron replied to this, calling Hamon's behavior "demagogic. "[132] It was later reported by journalists Marion L'Hour and Frédéric Says that Macron had spent €120,000 on setting up dinners and meetings with various personalities within the media and in French popular culture while he was minister. [133][134][135] Macron was then accused by deputies, Christian Jacob and Philippe Vigier of using this money to further the representation of En Marche in French political life. [136][137] Michel Sapin, his successor and Minister of Economy saw nothing illegal about Macron's actions saying that Macron had the right to spend the funds. [138] Macron said in response to these allegations that it was "defamatory" and that none of the ministerial budget had been spent on his party. [134]

"We are Europe, we are Brussels, we wanted it and we need it," Macron told a packed concert hall in the northern French city of Lille on Saturday.

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