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Ek Tha Tiger Bike

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Initial reports said that principal photography would start by 5 July 2011, but Yash Raj Films' spokesperson Rafiq Gangjee said that the film had been delayed because of production requirements. The first scheduled shooting began on 10 August in Dublin. After a postponement when Khan went to the US for surgery for Trigeminal neuralgia, shooting resumed on 10 September 2011. Filming took place at Dublin's Trinity College. Stunt directors of The Bourne Identity were hired for the action sequences. Some action sequences were also shot in the city. During filming in Dublin, the Irish film crew held a demonstration about filming conditions and payment, which halted the shooting temporarily . The second round on filming took place in Istanbul and lasted two months. In February 2012, the film's cast and crew went to Havana to shoot for a month. There, Khan shot a cameo scene for a local tourism company. The sets used in the film were featured in the advertisement. Problems with the script caused the postponement of the film's planned shoot in Hong Kong. Afterwards, a three-day filming schedule was completed in Delhi. Filming ended in June 2012 after the last schedule was shot in Bangkok. Khan had to undergo a fitness program titled 'Dirty Running' over 30 days for his action sequences. Kaif played her role without makeup.

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