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Eastern Time

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Eastern Time is also used somewhat as a de facto official time for all of the United States because it includes the capital city (Washington D. C. ), the most populous city (New York City), and half of the country's population. For this reason, media organizations will often report when events happened or are scheduled to happen in Eastern Time even if they occurred in another time zone, and TV schedules are also almost always posted in Eastern Time. In the United States, all nationally televised morning programs (except Good Morning America Weekend Edition which some ABC affiliates on the east coast air on a tape-delay), some daytime talk shows, evening newscasts, most talent and awards shows, and any other nationally televised event that airs live on American television during prime time and on the weekends (such as sports television) are broadcast live in the Eastern Time Zone. Major professional sports leagues also post all game times in Eastern time, even if both teams are from the same time zone, outside of Eastern Time. For example, a game time between two teams from Pacific Time Zone will still be posted in Eastern time (for example, one may see "Seattle at Los Angeles" with "10:00 p. m. " posted as the start time for the game, often without even clarifying the time is posted in Eastern time).

Places that use Eastern Standard Time ( EST ) when observing standard time (autumn/winter) are 5 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time ( UTC−05:00 ).Use the GMT Time converter below to convert between Eastern Time and GMT locations or enter different locations.

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