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Charlie Chaplin Als Ich Mich Zu Lieben Begann

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Mutual gave Chaplin his own Los Angeles studio to work in, which opened in March 1916. [98] He added two key members to his stock company, Albert Austin and Eric Campbell,[99] and produced a series of elaborate two-reelers: The Floorwalker, The Fireman, The Vagabond, One A. M. , and The Count. [100] For The Pawnshop, he recruited the actor Henry Bergman, who was to work with Chaplin for 30 years. [101]Behind the Screen and The Rink completed Chaplin's releases for 1916. The Mutual contract stipulated that he release a two-reel film every four weeks, which he had managed to achieve. With the new year, however, Chaplin began to demand more time. [102] He made only four more films for Mutual over the first ten months of 1917: Easy Street, The Cure, The Immigrant, and The Adventurer. [103] With their careful construction, these films are considered by Chaplin scholars to be among his finest work. [104][105] Later in life, Chaplin referred to his Mutual years as the happiest period of his career. [106] However, Chaplin also felt that those films became increasingly formulaic over the period of the contract and he was increasingly dissatisfied with the working conditions encouraging that. [107]

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