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Islam was introduced during the Pala Empire, through trade with the Abbasid Caliphate. During the Delhi Sultanate, Islam fully spread across the entire Bengal region. During he Islamic Bengal Sultanate, founded in 1352, Described by the Europeans as the richest country to trade with, Later, it was absorbed into the Mughal Empire in 1576. The Bengal Subah, described as the Paradise of the Nations, was the empire's wealthiest province, and became a major global exporter, a center of worldwide industries such as cotton textiles, silk, shipbuilding, making worth 12% of the world's GDP, a value bigger than the entirety of western Europe and its citizens' living standards were among the world's most superior. Bengal's economy have waved the period of proto-industrialization. When conquered by the British East India Company in 1757 by Battle of Plassey and became the Bengal Presidency of the British Raj, Bengal made direct significant contribution to the world's first Industrial revolution, but experienced its own deindustrialization. The Company increased agriculture tax rates from 10 percent to up to 50 which caused multiple famines such as the Great Bengal famine of 1770 which caused the deaths of 10 million Bengalis and the Bengal Famine of 1943.

The Sundarbans, a major biodiversity hotspot , is located in South Bengal. Bangladesh hosts 60% of the forest, with the remainder in India.Coordinates : 22°34′N 88°22′E  /  22.567°N 88.367°E  / 22.567; 88.367  ( West Bengal )Du verwendest derzeit eine alte Version des Internet Explorers. eBay Kleinanzeigen funktioniert besser, wenn du einen aktuellen Browser installierst .

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