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On May 19, 2014, the "I Don't Know, Man" Tumblr blog, written by Willy Staley, published an article explaining that Alien Workshop had ceased operating as a functional company in mid-May 2014 and Staley, titling the post "How Alien Workshop Died, Maybe", provided a comprehensive history of Alien Workshop since Dyrdek's acquisition. On May 15, 2014, PVH published a "corporate update" and a "bi-weekly Default Status Report in accordance with National Policy 12-203 - Cease Trade Orders for Continuous Defaults ("NP 12-203")" on the TMX Money website, explaining that significant debt issues had led to structural changes and interested investors from Toronto, Ontario, Canada may also be of assistance. In addition to the closure of Alien Workshop, PVH closed 18 under-performing retail locations, eliminated 14 head office positions and negotiated temporary salary reductions with certain management personnel, resulting in a total cost saving of US$722,000 annually. However, Staley concluded his post with the statement: "I’m not qualified to say what happened to Alien Workshop, because I don’t sit on the board of PVH, and PVH’s filings don’t mention DNA. "

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